Meet Head Constable Murari Lal Who Saved As Many As 16 Children From Drowning

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10:09 pm 2 Sep, 2016

National capital Delhi was brought to a standstill on August 31 when the city was hit by torrential rainfall early Wednesday morning.

The rain was so bad that many parts of Delhi were flooded with rain even drowning few underpasses.


But in this bad situation, a Delhi Police Head Constable showed courage and rescued as many as 16 panic-stricken children with his ace swimming skills.

Head Constable Murari Lal with help of his colleague ASI Cokhe carried these young children, to safety after their school bus got trapped in a flooded South Delhi underpass.


The Hindu

Head Constable Murari Lal. The Hindu

The rain water had started to enter the bus through the windows and many children had to climb on their seats to avoid drowning.

The bus had as many as seventy children inside it and all were in great distress when Police reached them. There were also two teachers in the bus but so many children, even they were helpless.

According to Assistant Sub-Inspector Chokhe Lal, who reached the spot along with Murari, the Head Constable handed over his service revolver and immediately jumped into the water still in uniform.


Screen grab of a video taken by a passer by. Indian Express

Screen grab of a video taken by a passer-by. Indian Express

As ASI Chokhe could not swim, Murari took charge and reached the bus with crying children. He spent couple of minutes calming these children and then started taking them out one by one.

Meanwhile, ASI Chokhe stood in neck-deep water to help carry the children over his head to safety.

Looking at their bravery, many locals joined them and helped them carry these kids out.

The incident took place at Pul Prahladpur underpass on Mehrauli-Badarpur Road.

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