Have You Ever Enjoyed Groping? These Interesting Answers On Quora Will Surprise You

12:11 pm 4 Nov, 2018

Crimes against women, especially sexual ones, have been a common issue everywhere in the world. Day in and day out, it’s almost every single minute in India, sexual crimes, which include rape, molestation, and groping, are being committed and reported from around the world. Well, in most cases, blames or fingers are pointed at men whenever any sexual-related incident happens. However, though we admit that in most cases men are the accused and women the victims, it is not that men are the ones who are wrong always. There were times and can be where women are and can be wrong too. But hey, we will not be talking about that here, but something totally different.

An interesting question “Have you ever enjoyed groping?” was posted on Quora. Well, at a time when the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum around the world, what these women have shared on whether they enjoy being groped will certainly surprise you. Take a read some of the most interesting stories below:



“He started groping and pressing my breasts and I put my hands on his and started pushing myself also.”

Most of the times you feel that you are invaded. But sometimes you feel like to have some fun. I sometimes feel like I want to have some sexy time so I wear skintight top and go shopping. Every time I ask the shopkeeper if clothes can alter. If they say yes I know I hit jackpot because then I ask them to measure me. It is very easy to give the signal. Stick out your bosom and let them measure you. At this part, I usually become horny so my nipples start showing through my shirt. They love it. Only one time the man acted very professionally to my sadness he quickly finish the measurement. But the rest of the times I get my enjoyment. They shamelessly touch everywhere.

One event I remember very clearly, it was best. He was 20 something guy and I could tell from the start that he was pervert because he keeps looking at my breasts. So when he started measuring me I totally leave him to drive. And he sees that I am sticking out my breasts which are visible through my shirt and my nips are hardening. In the middle, he just dropped the measuring tape and use his firm hands. We were inside changing area. He start groping and pressing my breasts and I put my hands on his and started pushing myself also. His hands went down and found their way inside my shirt. I pushed my pelvis against him and surely he was getting hard. So I pull his hands out, turn around and press my ass against his penis. We grind while he cupping my breasts. I was arched and massaging his penis with my hips. It was feeling very beautiful but we suddenly heard shuffling outside area and I quickly run outside while he remain inside. I did not buy anything and I never go back there but I remember him. I don’t know what would have happened if we did not hear sounds outside. I know he miss me.


“I then thought to myself why did I not stop him before? Was I enjoying what he was doing to me? The answer was yes.”

I was traveling from Chandigarh to Kullu. I had an argument with my bf and was taking a late ordinary bus which would reach in the middle of the night. Let me add it was December and it gets very cold during the night.

Moving on to the incident. There is always a lot of rush at the ticket counter. You literally have to push yourself forward through the ocean of people. I did the same thing. There was this guy and he was being very handsy.. trying to grope me and blaming it on the crowd. I gave a look. He touched me again and this aunty saw this and scolded him a little.

Everybody was seated and the lights were turned off. There was this uncle sitting next to me pushing his leg inside mine continuously. I tried ignoring it and he stopped after sometime. I had borrowed a shawl from the very same aunty as it was getting cold. The uncle got off the bus after about 2-3 hours. Now I was free to sleep. And I did.

I felt something.. I was half asleep and was feeling too lazy to open my eyes. I could feel hands running all over my boobs. I woke up still did not open my eyes and continued to act that I was asleep. Now the hands were cupping them, pressing them. The grip got firmer and firmer. Then they were under my shirt pulling my nipples and making them erect. I still did not open my eyes and stop it. Next thing I know, the hands have reached between my thighs and are finding a way in my pants. That’s when I opened my eyes and saw the same guy sitting next to me. He saw that I was awake. Grabbed my face and started leaning in. I pushed him and he stopped and just sat there for a few seconds. He went for it again. I tried resisting again and he went and sat adjacent to me staring me like a mad man.

I then thought to myself why did I not stop him before? Was I enjoying what he was doing to me? The answer was yes. I liked it. And I wanted to see to what extent he would go. I just did not want all of it that’s why I resisted.



“I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it all through, but there was something inside me saying, “don’t apologize and let him feel you for some more time!”

It wasn’t a single man groping me rather a gang-groping or group-groping. The incident took place in a bus. I was travelling to Jaipur from Delhi. This bus had 3 seats in a row on one side. My seat was near the window. When I boarded the bus two middle aged men were already sitting on the other two seats of that row. They were fat and ugly. I went there and politely asked them to come out so that I could get in. They didn’t seem to listen and just moved their legs. There was enough space, so I started moving. When I was right in front of the first man in the row, the other man moved his leg which hit my leg and I lost my balance. The next moment I was sitting on the first man’s lap. I said sorry and tried to get up, but he held me by my waist and in a rough tone said, “Apologize or I won’t let you go.” This made me go red and I apologized again but he didn’t loosen his firm grip. I was frantically looking for other passengers to come and rescue me but no one bat an eye. By this time he was moving his body in such a way that his dick was rubbing my ass. I apologized repeatedly and in a while he let me go. Now as I moved further in that row, I lost my balance again and this time I was on the other man’s lap. He didn’t hold me but I could feel his dick pumping up and down inside my ass crack. I got up hurriedly and moved to my seat.

Once on my seat, I too a long breathe and soon dozed off. When I woke up some 2–3 hours later, I saw that two buttons of my top were open and my bra was moved so as to expose my nipples. I don’t know what happened when I was sleeping but those two men were not in their seats.

Coming to the moot point, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it all through, but there was something inside me saying, “Vridhi, don’t apologize and let him feel you for some more time!” I don’t know what was going on in my mind but there was an urge for sure. This made me not to scream for help.


“The fingers began to feel my pussy until they found my clit and began to finger it.”

I’ve been groped on several occasions. The first time was when I was 24 years old. I was going to work one morning and got on a crowded elevator to go up twenty floors to my office. The elevator was packed with guys in suits and some women in business attire. We were all pressed together sardines on in a can. The door closed. Two guys were talking loudly about football when I felt fingers go up under my skirt, stroke my thighs and then touch the crotch of my panties. My body stiffened but I didn’t say anything. The fingers then slipped under the elastic of my panties (I was wearing thigh high stockings so there was no pantyhose to deal with.) The fingers began to feel my pussy until they found my clit and began to finger it. I thought “what the fuck” and turned my head to see who the jerk was behind me. To my surprise, out of the corner of my eye, I could see it was an older blond woman behind me. She was the one fingering me. I was so surprised I couldn’t speak. The elevator stopped on different floors so we were probably on the elevator about ten minutes. My breathing got deeper and I could feel my pussy getting wet. Finally, the elevator reached the 20th floor but I didn’t get off because the woman behind me didn’t get off. I rode the elevator to the 30th floor. The door opened, I felt the hand withdraw, and the woman squeezed past me and exited the elevator. I quickly pushed my way out of the elevator and followed the woman. “Excuse me,” I said, coming up behind her “can I help you with something?” The woman turned around. She was a very attractive woman in her late thirties to early forties, blond, dressed in a very nice business suit and heels. She came close to me and said, “I’m sorry, but I’ve been watching you for a while, and you are just so pretty, I couldn’t help myself. Forgive me, I promise it won’t happen again.” I was silent for a moment, and then I said “Listen, would you like to meet for lunch today?” She smiled and said, “Sure, that would be wonderful. Come to my office at noon, it’s just down the hall here.”



“I re-positioned myself so that my left arm was kind of pressing between her legs, and upwards against her crotch. She seemed to like it.”

I am a middle-aged man and am writing about something that happened in a bus in New Delhi years ago when I was studying there. I was on a long bus ride; I think it was from Hauz Khas to Connaught Place. I was sitting in a “aisle seat”. As usual, the bus was very crowded, and after a couple of stops, it was packed with passengers standing in the aisle.

I tried shifting in my seat to make more space for people standing beside be on the aisle. The space was so tight that no matter what, people were leaning on each other. I felt someone learning on my left shoulder that was facing the aisle. I tried shifting a bit more in my seat to give them more space. But a few seconds later, they were again pressing against my shoulder.

I wasn’t sure if that person was aware that they were leaning on me, or just didn’t care. I took a quick glance behind me, and saw that it was a girl who was about my age — early 20s. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and was clutching some books or a bag against her chest.

She had positioned herself so that her crotch was pressing against my left shoulder. I wasn’t still sure if she was aware of it. I tried moving in my seat a bit more so that she didn’t have to press against me. She moved closer and positioned herself once again to press her body against my shoulder again!

We were about 10 minutes into the ride, and if memory serves me right, we had another 45 minutes or so to go.

By now, I knew what her intentions were. So I just waited. Every time the bus turned, or swerved, or braked, she took advantage of the movement to rub her crotch against my left shoulder. And as we traveled, she kept getting into better positions so her waist and crotch were rubbing against my left shoulder and my upper left arm. She was standing facing the window, and not towards the front of the bus. This way she made maximum contact with my arm, and could rub her body better against mine.

I was quite excited at this point, so decided to help her. I re-positioned myself so that my left arm was kind of pressing between her legs, and upwards against her crotch. She seemed to like it. From that point, she really brushed hard against my arm every time the bus leaned in my direction. This went on for at least 30 minutes. I was wondering if she had climaxed in the meantime. I could never tell.


“I was wearing a saree so he started to finger my readily available navel. I was enjoying it…”

Yes I did. I was once travelling in a crowded bus and I saw a handsome guy. I smiled at him involuntarily and turned away. He took that as signal and somehow managed to squeeze through the heavy crowd on the bus till he was right behind me. I was wearing a saree so he started to finger my readily available navel. I was enjoying it but I was also terrified. He rubbed his thing against my ass and whispered dirty. He moved his hand to my boobs and I felt he might cross line so I gave him a death stare and moved away. Though I shunned him, I did like it.



“When a man touches my body, it makes me happy”

I am a female with large breasts, I was with a boy, from our college I didn’t know him, just the math paper was common, while we both were studying in library alone, he suddenly put his hand on my shoulder then slowly put them on my breast, and started touching my nipple, I resisted first, after some time again he started taking his hand towards my breast and started fondling my left breast. Pretending that he was studying. It started arousing me, and I felt very different, I started liking it.

Next day again he put his hand on my breast, after some time I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my top. He took the signal and put his hand inside my bra and pinched my nipples, and grabbed my boobs. I enjoyed it very much. But I felt that I was doing something wrong by allowing him to touch me. But I enjoy it when I remember those moments.


“Even though I could have hurt him bad with a simple wrist lock, I did nothing. I don’t know maybe I wanted him to do that.”

It’s weird, but yeah it happened to me. Did I enjoy it? I don’t know maybe I did, or probably I didn’t know it should have not been happening.

So, it was the time when I was in my early twenties, but I looked like an early teenager (Yeah, I’m quite slender built).

So, this incident took place when I was returning from a railway station in a bus. There was an old man sitting beside me. He was about my grandpa’s age. So this guy started as elderly conversation, like where did I study etc. But after some moments, he was stroking my thighs, and then after half minutes or so my groin. Before I could react, the pleasure kicked in. The next moment, his hand was pressing me. I weakly whimpered, but did nothing, I still wonder why didn’t I? So this guy kept on doing that for about 15 minutes or so, but I didn’t cum. Then I got off, and so did that guy. It was around 6:30 in the evening. He asked me for dinner (What?), but I declined, still confused of what had happened. I still didn’t realize what he did to me was wrong.



“It can be a pleasure if your own man gropes you.”

Just like I said in my other answer, I feel suffocated if groped by an unknown person/stranger. But it can be a pleasure if your own man gropes you. My husband, after he comes home and sees me in the kitchen or something, he usually grabs me from the back and slowly runs his hands on my thighs, ass and breasts and sometimes moves his hand inside my dress to play with my nipples. Basically he works me up for a session.


Well, having read the above interesting stories, now what would you like to say or comment on man groping or committing sexual crimes against women?