9 Spooky Places In West Bengal That You Should Better Avoid

5:00 pm 14 Aug, 2015

From the Brahmin Brahmadaityas to the fish-stealing Shakchunnis; from shrill-voiced petnis to the fearsome nishis, there’s no dearth of ghost stories our ancestors have propagated as part of Bengali folklore. There are real places in West Bengal that serve as background to these stories and still send a shiver down the spine if you ever happen to visit them.

Better avoided, bravehearts may take up the challenge of visiting these 8 haunted places we mention below.

1. Headless Ghost of Dow Hill, Kurseong.

The centre of all supernatural activities in Kurseong is Victoria Boys’ School on Dow Hill. A haunted building, haunted roads, headless ghosts, red eyes in the dark, a woman ghost following people, mysterious deaths; just ask for it and the ghosts will come out howling at you.


2. Shivering tree in Lower Circular Road Cemetery, Kolkata.

Next to South Park Street Cemetery, which has its own set of stories of white dressed ghosts, Lower Circular Road Cemetery is known as the hangout place for spooky chaps from the other side. The ghost of Sir W.H. Mac Nghten, buried here, is said to awaken whenever his story is narrated. It is said that a tree next to his grave starts shivering.


3. The desolate Kankalitala Temple, Birbhum is where the air itself feels like a ghost.

At a distance of mere 9 kms from Shantiniketan, this desolate Shaktipeetha located amidst paddy fields, a crematorium near the temple gives you an eerie sensation, which hasn’t escaped anyone so far.


4. Tantriks and the temple crematorium spill ghastly vibes at Tarapith, Rampurhath, Birbhum.

Ghost in no physical form haunt Tarapith, Rampurhath, Birbhum. A crematorium where no lights are allowed after dark, and where suspicious sadhus, aghoris and tantriks roam freely is bound to send shivers down your spine.


5. Dare to climb abandoned top floor of the House of Dolls or Putulbari, Kolkata.

Widely known as the ‘House Of Dolls’ because of the huge Roman designed dolls that adorn the terrace, a night’s (or half) stay in this palatial structure is sure to scare the hell out of you. The top floor of Putulbari resonates with sounds of ghungroos and jingling of bells. Reason enough for the spook threat, right?


6. Unexplained mystery of flickering Aleya Ghost Lights, Sunderbans.

Located in the Sunderbans, this swampy area witnesses the Will-o’-Wisp or Foolish Fire which is common at any swampy region. However, what is uncommon is the pattern of the light takes the apparition of a fisherman, and this has been reported by several travelers. According to local fishermen, any person who musters enough courage to follow that vanishing apparition never comes back!


7. Find Lady Metclfe’s Ghost Breathing down Your Neck at the National Library, Kolkata.

Lady Metclfe’s Ghost is said to have a fetish for keeping things in place, which is why many people report a sensation of someone watching over them, especially when they haven’t kept back a book after reading.


8. Walk with a White Saree Ghost at Begunkodar, Purulia.

A railway station that was closed for 42 years because, apparently, a guard had spotted the spectre of a woman clad in a white saree walking over the tracks, and died mysteriously the next day.

Although it has been reopened now, only five trains stop here, that too before 5:45PM!


9. Attic Ghost at SPS Asansol have kept students, teachers and staff on a watch out for years.

Attics have long been associated with ghosts and spooky stories of all sorts. However, this one at St. Patrick’s School, Asansol, is indeed haunted as claimed by the students, teachers as well as the house staff themselves. If you’re in for some adventure, why don’t you savour the “fun” yourself?


Do you have few more interesting ghost stories to share? Write in the comments!


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