This ‘Haunted’ Photo From Pakistan Will Actually Make You Burst Into Laughter

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 2:46 pm


Believe it or not, there are more people who still believe in ghosts, paranormal activities and haunted stories than you know. While most people get spooked when the full moon is out or see black cats prowling the shadows, there are many more ghost busting stories you would have never heard of. The concept of paranormal is widely misunderstood and mysterious. If you’re daring enough, you would have probable watched everything from The Exorcist to The Conjuring, from The Stranger Things to Sense 8, but one’s thirst for the paranormal can never be quenched.




The stories of ghosts are so traumatising that once, a traumatised Pakistani cricketer, Haris Sohail, missed a world cup warm-up match after claiming that he was woken by a ghost which shook his bed at a hotel in New Zealand!



While stories of horror stories in Pakistan are rare, what is not, is the subject of sex. It has long been associated as a taboo, if nothing less. In the Islamic conservative country, sex taboos have been openly challenged now on television. Health TV’s Faizan Syed does a weekly call-in show discussing sexual health and its issues.

In a country where religious fanatics and vigilantes dominate public life, what a certain Muslim man’s reaction seeing a particular ‘dodgy’ scene outside his house was, can hardly be surprising.

A man named Muhammad Amin in Islamabad, had an unusual encounter right outside his house and decided to upload about it on Facebook. What he encountered was “a lot of noise” and when he peeked (according to him) he saw a 4-legged witch and two heads. Here’s what he saw:




This particular image went viral ever since the Facebook page ‘The Most Haunted Places of Pakistan‘ posted it. The reason is pretty obvious – this man clearly didn’t see what was happening in the shady/dim lights of his backyard and what he thought was a four-legged witch and two heads, turns out to be two people making out unabashedly in his home! Yes, you guessed it right. Two lovers were busy in a serious love-making session and Amin just turned into a butt of jokes for social media!

Check out the zoom effect:



Now, do we presume that Muhammad Amin doesn’t know or ever heard of ‘women-on-top’ position while making love? Or does he need night googles to clearly see what’s really conspiring in his home in the wee hours of the night?



Poor Amin got bashed on social media ruthlessly for his poor vision (or judgement) and some of the comments will make you LMAO!




The lesson for the day: If you’re unsure regarding any strange noises in your backyard, try and get some help from your neighbours first or better still, watch some ‘positions online’ to make sure you’re always updated!







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