13 Things You Can Do If You Think Your House Is Haunted

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8:00 pm 26 Aug, 2015

1. See if there’s a rational explanation.

There might be a normal cause for whatever is freaking you out. Make sure that any noises, shadows, etc don’t have a logical explanation before you decide your house is haunted.

2. Check for high voltage power lines.

Paranormal investigators say that high voltage power lines near a house can make people feel nauseous and paranoid; so find out if you have any near your house.

3. Get a second opinion.

You may want to experience a haunting or your imagination may be running wild. Once you’ve decided that it is really a haunting, ask someone you trust to come and make sure.

4. Keep a log of things that happen.

Even though you may feel like you’ll never forget what’s happening to you, it is best to document the order, timing and progression of the activities taking place around you.

5. Try to find out the history of your house.

If you feel that there is a presence in your house, you should try and find out if anything bad ever happened there and if anyone died in the house.

6. Pay attention to your pet’s behavior.

Your pets are more in-tune with paranormal forces than you, so watch their reactions to the incidents that are scaring you. If your pets avoid some areas, you should avoid them too.

7. Figure out what it is.

Different sort of entities behave in different ways. Does yours seem threatening? It could be demonic. Does it seem like it needs your help? It could be a ghost.

8. Invest in some good equipment.

Get a digital voice recorder or a camcorder and leave them running during the times when you think the paranormal activity is most likely to occur. Take photos of cold spots.

9. Burn sage in the haunted area.

Sage is known to have cleansing properties. Tie a bunch of sage together, and put it in a plate or an ashtray. Set the sage on fire and walk around your house to make the smoke circulate.

10. Don’t use spells/Ouija unless you’re good at it.

Various spells are easily available online, while Ouija boards can be bought in stores or online as well. But unless you know exactly what to do in any situation that arises, these can backfire.

11. Don’t do anything to antagonize the entity.

With all the half-baked information available on this topic, it will be real easy for you to end up doing something to make a bad situation worse. Don’t challenge or annoy your visitor.

12. Ask a holy person or a medium to drive it away.

You can ask an experienced person to help you get rid of the entity. Just be careful because there are a lot of fakes out there who will just want to take your money.

13. Stay calm and avoid giving in to negativity.

Being in this situation can bring out the worst in you. Make sure you don’t alienate your friends and family; try to stay positive and take care of your health.


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