Hasin Jahan’s First Husband Speaks Up, Says She Is Mother Of His Two Daughters

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8:07 pm 11 Mar, 2018


Last few days have been hell for cricketer Mohammad Shami with his wife first accusing him of extra-marital affairs and then of match-fixing.

While Shami has denied all these allegations and has said that he has done nothing wrong, the controversy has only escalated with more mudslinging taking place in each new allegations.



The situation has also got unwarranted attention on Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan with media now digging through her past to find out more about her.

While Hasin has approached Kolkata Police and filed a case of cheating, domestic violence and attempt to murder against Shami, her own past now seems to be coming to hunt her.


Her first husband has come forward and said that she is an ambitious woman and mother of his two children.

Further elaborating on their relationship, her first husband, Shaikh Saifuddin, said that he doesn’t know why Hasin left him and as of now he is not in touch with her.


He said that the two were in an “affair” since the time they were in 10th standard and that they got married in the year 2002.

They later got divorced due to some unknown reasons and Hasin then went on to pursue her modeling career.


He also added that they have two daughters together, with one being in 10th standard and other in 6th.

He clarified that while he has lost touch with his ex-wife Hasin, both his daughters are constantly in contact with her.

Shaikh runs a stationery shop and was out of media limelight until now.


What are your thoughts on Hasin’s first husband and the fact that she already has two teen daughters?

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