Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Dragged This Celebrated Cricketer Into Their Family Feud

2:16 pm 19 Mar, 2018


A few days earlier, Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan filed a police complaint over allegations of domestic violence against her husband. Before that, she created quite a stir by posting screenshots of Whatsapp and Messenger on her Facebook profile to support her alleged claim of Shami’s infidelity.

Recently during an interview she claimed, she gave a call to famous cricketer Sourav Ganguly before posting the screenshots. Sourav told her that he will get back to her but never did. She said:

“I called Sourav sir before I posted the issue on Facebook. I told him that I am in such kind of trouble and Shami has been treating me in a very wrong way. He is asking for a divorce. Sourav sir said that he will give me a call next week. Till today, I am waiting for him to call. He hasn’t contacted me since then. I think he refrained thinking that the matter was a domestic issue.”

He has not given any reply to her claims. Previously, when asked about the Hasin-Shami matter, the former-Indian captain said:

“I really don’t know what is the personal matter. It’s a personal thing, I don’t think I can comment on that.”

Hasin Jahan further said in her interview that Shami used to come to her house to play with her daughters (from the previous marriage). He even stayed with her for about 6 months on her money. Jahan further added that she doesn’t want Sami to go to jail but only requires him apologise in front of everyone.

Watch the video of the full interview here:



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