This Haryana Policeman Did His Duty Braving The Rain Without Shoes Or Raincoat

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2:09 pm 6 Aug, 2016

Unfortunately, the image of a policeman in India is so low that it can be best described in the dialogue from the 2001 movie ‘Indian’ where Sunny Deol says, “Gundon se zyada acchi image nahin hai hai humari.” (Our image is not better than that of goons.) In that dialogue, Deol explains why people respect the armed forces but do not respect the police force.

Fortunately, there are policemen who do their duty so diligently that that dialogue might soon become anachronistic.

These cops deserve our salute. They stand there under an unforgiving sun, the hard rain or the biting cold doing their duty quietly so that we continue with our lives without fear.

One such policeman is Rakesh Kumar, a Haryana Police cop posted in Sonipat.

Facebook user Vishnu Vardhan shared Kumar’s inspiring story.

Kumar was doing his duty at an intersection on the evening of August 2 in Sonipat when a certain Dinu De saw him.

A heavy downpour had brought traffic (and life) to a standstill in and around Sonipat, but Kumar braved it all just for the call of duty.


De pointed out that Kumar was not wearing his shoes while doing his duty for a reason that underlines the sorry conditions our cops meet while doing their job.

Quoting De, Vardhan’s post reads, “When i asked him why you are not wearing shoes he said ‘Sir tomorrow also i have to perform my duty and i have only one pair of shoes’.” (sic)

That he has only one pair of shoes and yet he is doing his duty is proof of his dedication towards his job. He is sacrificing even what is necessary for the sake of his duty.

And that he is standing all wet without a raincoat just to ensure that the traffic moves along smoothly is a deed we must applaud.

Kumar is proof that there are inspiring cops among us too. It is because of cops like Kumar that we have not lost faith in the police force.


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