Harsha Bhogle’s Comment On His Ouster From IPL 2016 Proves Why True Cricket Fans Love Him

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8:39 pm 11 Apr, 2016


Harsha Bhogle’s unceremonious ouster from IPL 2016 has been criticized by everyone who is a fan of the classy commentator and of the game of cricket. Why he was dropped from being a part of the IPL at the last minute is not yet clear; even Harsha is still clueless about it.

Overwhelmed by the affection and love showered on him all through the day, Bhogle wrote a solemn post on Facebook late in the evening.

In it he expresses hope that it was not because of cricketers that he was dropped. (One strong speculation is that some senior Team India players were not too happy with him.)

Here are excerpts:

He comments on his relationship with the game:


Harsha (6)


And on those who supported him:


Harsha (7)


He thanks all who stood by him:


Harsha (1)


And points out to this fact:


Harsha (2)


He tells us why he is eager for the IPL:



Harsha (3)


And what he tells young cricketers:


Harsha (4)


He ends his post with this powerful comment on himself:


Harsha (5)


You can read his entire post here:


I must confess I am a little uncomfortable with all the attention I have been getting recently. I am just a cricket…

Posted by Harsha Bhogle on Monday, 11 April 2016



Bhogle’s devotion to cricket, his strong belief in impartial commentary and his humility are markers of a true professional. This is why people took to social media to express their anger over his departure. But like he said, he is not the story itself.