Here Is The Real Story Behind The Viral Photo Of The ‘Police Officer Harleen Mann’

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7:34 pm 21 Nov, 2017


The Internet is a crazy platform and the information we read here is mostly untrue. The news that goes viral is usually constructed with fake facts. Recently, a photograph of a woman wearing the Punjab Police uniform went viral on social media.



Everyone is amazed to see this pretty face working in the Punjab Police and moreover, they want to be arrested by her. This is sick. This shows the retarded mindset of some Indians who judge a woman by the way she looks.

What if she didn’t have a not-so-cute face? Who would have cared? Right?


Well, the truth is that she is actually an actress by the name of Kairaat Arora who is portraying a role of police officer in the Punjabi movie, Jagga Jiundae. Harleen Mann is just her character name.

She has previously acted in movies such as ‘Grand Masti’ and ‘Khatta Meetha’.


After seeing her photos going viral for all the wrong reasons, she clarified who she is via an Instagram post:


Read the caption:


Dear People … harleen maan is my character name in the film #jaggajiundae .. it’s just a #film .. my phone memory is bombarded with forwards Frm al over d world , people sending messages & jokes : ready to get arrested etc .. i Am no REAL POLICE 🙄🐶.. 3 days and stil this photo is viral across the continent

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