Trolls Questioned How Hardik Patel Gained Weight During Hunger Strike, Doctors Explained!

3:03 pm 9 Sep, 2018


Indian social activist and Patidar leader Hardik Patel has been on an indefinite hunger strike since August 25 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. While Hardik Patel has not consumed any food or water for 14 days now, he is demanding reservation in jobs and education and farm loan waivers for the Patidar community from the Gujarat state government. Apparently, this indefinite fast by Hardik Patel has been supported by the Congress Party in opposition to the ruling BJP government.

25-year-old Hardik Patel has been working for reservation of Patidar community since July 2015 when he formed the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) aiming to include Patidars in the OBC quota. He realized that there are government policies benefitting the other communities but not the Patidars, which led to his protest against the state government for the reservation of Patidar community.



While his organization PAAS claimed that he will not consume even water unless Gujarat state government caters to their demands, Hardik Patel has become a target of trolls all over the social media for his fasting. Have a look at some of the tweets by trolls:






What a man!






However, on the 15th day of the fast, Hardik Patel was hospitalized due to his deteriorating health conditions. While his protest continued from the hospital bed, political leaders including Sharad Yadav from Loktantrik Janata Dal and former Union Minister and DMK leader A Raja has also visited Patel at the hospital extending their support to the social activist.



Hardik Patel tweeted:




Apparently, in the Sola Civil Hospital, Hardik was administered glucose due to his loss in weight of 20 kg. However, shockingly, the media reports have something else to claim. Incidentally, before beginning the fast, Hardik Patel’s weight was 78 kg, but on Sept 4, his weight was measured to be down to 58 kg. But surprisingly, on Sept 5, after his medical check-up, his weight was recorded to be 65 kg.



Well as expected, the news about Hardik Patel’s weight gain during his hunger strike spread over the social media like fire and the netizens are have brutally mocked him over the issue. Take a read at some of the tweets:


Is this all a hoax?













Unexpectedly, according to media reports, Patel also refused to provide blood and urine samples for the medical check-up, that lead to raising even more questions into the controversy.



The doctors have reportedly revealed that the cause of unexpected weight gain in Hardik Patel’s body during his indefinite fast was a faulty weighing machine. He never gained the weight, but machine was showing weight gain due to fault in its mechanism.



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