Hardik Patel Supported Sunny Leone By Asking Everyone To Respect Her, But Got Trolled Instead

2:19 pm 11 Jun, 2018


Hardik Patel is a social-political activist who grabbed the spotlight by leading the Patidar reservation agitation. He demanded the inclusion of Patidar caste in the category of Other Backward Classes or OBC, for making the members of the community eligible to get reserved quotas not only in education but government jobs too. However, his name also came into the forefront for something else besides his indulgence into politics and activism.

In 2017, he got entangled in a sex scandal that created quite a controversy. A video resurfaced that allegedly featured him along with a woman. Undoubtedly, the video quickly went viral. Here’s a part of the video:




The youth leader found himself in muddy waters again with his recent comment on Sunny Leone. While attending a rally in Indore, he said that this former porn actress deserves equal respect as any other mainstream Bollywood artist. This is what he stated:

“Why can’t we view Sunny Leone as an actress on screen independent of her old image? What’s the problem if we look at her the way we look at actresses Nargis, Sridevi, or Madhuri Dixit. If our thinking is such that we still want to see Sunny Leone on the basis of her old image (as a porn star), then this country can never change.”


This is not the first time he had raised his voice to support this actress. Though his comment makes sense, Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from trolling Hardik Patel badly.



While some commented that mentioning the name of Sunny Leone is a cheap shot to gain attention, others dug up his sex scandal issue. Here are some of the tweets:












What do you think about the comment of Hardik Patel on Sunny Leone?

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