Hardik Pandya Finally Reveals The Truth Behind His Controversial Tweet To Every Cricket Fan

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:19 pm

When all the main batsmen went back to the pavilion after scoring hardly anything, it was Hardik Pandya who fought like a soldier and scored 76 in 43 balls. Pandya came as a ray of hope for all the cricket fans, but a wrong decision by Jadeja caught Pandya in trouble. Hardik was out and everyone who watched the ICC Champions Trophy final match saw his reaction after getting dismissed.

Team India’s Allrounder, Hardik Pandya. mid


Soon after India was defeated by Pakistan, a controversial tweet started taking rounds on the internet. People claimed that Hardik Pandya tweeted this after losing the match and deleted it later. The tweet was indirectly accusing Team India of match fixing. Check out the tweet here:

Hardik Pandya’s Controversial Tweet. imgur


Everyone was confused about the tweet’s authenticity. Many even said that the tweet is photoshopped. Here are some of the reactions that the tweet got on Twitter.



In reply to Pandya’s controversial tweet, many people said that the person who posted this tweet first has used the F12  trick. Pressing the F12 key helps fetch the developer tool in Google Chrome bar, which allows editing the tweet. Hardik Pandya himself has confirmed that the tweet is fake and he hasn’t posted anything like that on Twitter.

Following the defeat, Pandya posted a tweet appreciating the efforts his team put in the series and thanked people for showing their support.