This Is How Hardik Pandya Put Kieron Pollard In An Awkward Situation

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3:09 pm 24 May, 2016


An romantic moment turned ‘awkward’ for cricketer Kieron Pollard when fellow Mumbai Indians team-mate Hardik Pandya hijacked his photograph with wife Jenna Pollard.

Here is that ‘kebab mein haddi’ situation.


Pollard was getting that picture taken to celebrate 11 years of togetherness with wife Jenna. It turned hilarious when unwanted intruder Pandya just launched himself into it.

Though we must say, hats off to Jenna for managing to keep her dazzling smile in place despite the intrusion.


The hilarious pic was later posted Pollard on his Instagram account with the caption: “He NEVER misses opportunity to be in a pic. #inlovewithhimself that fellow.”