Here’s What You Can Learn From The No-nonsense Attitude Of Feminist Rapper Hard Kaur

8:30 am 29 Jul, 2018


Taran Kaur Dhillon aka Hard Kaur first entered the world of Bollywood with her song “Ek Glassy” which went on to become a hit number. Since then this British-Indian rapper has kept us entertained us with her free-spirited rapping style. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Indians fell in love with this tough and badass Punjabi girl.

A few years back during an interview, she said that she has a problem with the Indian male rappers. The ones who don’t treat women with respect and represents them as sex objects in their songs. Well, it is no surprise that she is absolutely right.



Though she is immensely successful now, the journey was not taken on the bed of roses.  After losing her dad at a young age, she moved to England along with her family. There she developed an interest in hip-hop and then finally took up rapping as her career.

Besides having a rough childhood and teenage years, she also had to cross many hurdles to make her mark in a world of art which is still male-dominated. However, this kickass lady crossed every barrier gracefully with her hard work and determination.



So, on her birthday we have collected few of her quotes. Though simple, her words will certainly motivate you to push through your struggles. Here are 6 quotes for you.


1. Life will always throw a lemon! All you can do is add vodka and mint to enjoy a mojito

Hard Kaur 1

2. There is no substitute for hard work

Hard Kaur 2

3. It’s often very hard for women to make a mark in male-dominated work space


Hard Kaur 3

4. If you want to win, giving up is not an option

Hard Kaur 4

5. Talent, determination, and attitude are the key to success

Hard Kaur 5

6. No one will see your struggle but only your success

Hard Kaur 6


Incidentally, she also released one of her most popular songs ‘Sherni’ in 2016. During an interview, she revealed that she wrote the song at the same time as the ‘Nirbhaya’ case. However, didn’t release the song as she didn’t wanted to take an advantage of such a misfortune to promote her creation.

Her song is all about celebrating the strength of women. With her rap, she talks about being a strong lady who isn’t afraid of anything. Furthermore, this song is a form of encouragement for all the women out there to stand up for themselves and not take shit from anyone.



In case you haven’t heard of this superb creation by Hard Kaur, here’s the video:


On her birthday we wish she presents us with more smashing raps soon.