Harbhajan Supported #UdtaPunjab Like A True Punjabi But What Happened Next Was Shocking

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11:46 am 8 Jun, 2016


First, the Censor board banned Shahid Kapoor starer ‘Udta Punja’ to take off and now the revising committee has demanded 89 cuts and also banned ‘Punjab’ from the title. A political angle has been given to the release of the movie and film cast along with its fans are really frustrated.

Many came forward to support the movie and numerous tweets were sent to PM Modi. It is said that one should set the movie on fictional grounds and should not specifically mention a state’s name in it. The banning committees believe that the movie will project Punjab as a drug state and this will question the credibility of the government of that state.



Mumbai Indians former captain, Harbhajan Singh, supported ‘Udta Punjab’ with some really sensible views:


If the movie really portrays something wrong, then the people living in Punjab or belonging to that state should have the biggest problem. But, almost everyone is cool about it because they know the reality and want to see their state move towards its betterment!


But somewhere, it became difficult for people to understand whether Bhajji is speaking for censorship or against it!


Alia Bhatt retweeted Bhajji’s support. But soon  he tweeted this:


While going on a right track for sometime, Bhajji took a left turn and said this in his tweet after showing support for the movie. Maybe people are taking him wrong or maybe he just isn’t clear about which side he should show support.

But, surely his fans are not happy with this!


There is so much confusion going around that people are not sure. But yes, huge number of people are on the movie’s side. People believe that if Punjab is known for its rich culture, brotherhood, sportsmen etc. then that one problem that is becoming contagious in the state should be eradicated!

A movie cannot inspire one if it’s set on a fictional ground because realities hit harder than that of fictions and the banning committee should understand this loud and clear!



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