Man Asked Harbhajan To Stop Praising Indian Navy. The Cricketer Gave Him A Befitting Reply

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3:16 pm 6 Dec, 2017


Harbhajan Singh aka Bhajji is one of the most active sports personalities on social media. Harbhajan, who has shown his anger on the ground many times does not stay quiet when it comes to thrashing haters on Twitters. Bhajji is among those who’d rather chose to give brutal replies to their haters and humiliate them in public.


He did something similar recently when a troll tried to school him about Indian Navy. The cricketer posted a tweet thanking Indian Navy for protecting us and doing a great job for their nation on Navy day.


Here’s what Bhajji tweeted:

Soon, a man replied to his tweet saying that he should not glorify navy just for doing their job. According to him whatever the officers do for the nation is just the part of their duty and they should not be praised for doing the same.

Check out his tweet here:

Bhajji didn’t stay quiet. The man was clearly disrespecting Indian Navy and Harbhajan knew how to teach him a lesson. The cricketer gave him a reply that he will never forget and will not ever dare to raise any question against Indian officers.

Bhajji got a lot of appreciation for teaching a lesson to such hater. Here’s how people reacted to his tweet:


Bhajji, hats off to you. Hope your reply will teach such persons a lesson.

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