Harbhajan Singh’s Unique Way Of Taking The Fitness Challenge Has Left The Netizens In Splits

5:02 pm 31 May, 2018


Fitness challenge has become the latest trend on social media these days. People are uploading their videos doing different kinds of exercises and boasting about remaining fit! It all started when India’s minister of Youth Affair and Sports, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore pitched about the campaign. Since then, many celebrities, sportsmen and even comedians have taken up the challenge, nominating fellow friends and celebrities to post their training videos on social media. The trend has become a rage now and there is a whole wave of videos on various social media platforms.



Inspired by the same trend, cricketer Harbhajan Singh has now taken up the challenge. It is a well-known fact that Harbhajan Singh is popular for his humorous nature and funny attitude.

Though at times he takes things seriously too, mostly, one can find Harbhajan cracking jokes and giving new dimensions to his own sarcastic beliefs.



Harbhajan also remains very active on Twitter and keeps posting about his day-to-day activities and gut-busting instances. Various times, Harbhajan Singh’s tweets have gone viral on the internet and at the same time given us reasons to take a chill pill!



This time too, something similar has happened. Harbhajan recently accepted the #fitnesschallenge and posted an image which clearly defines his idea of burning calories. Before you take a look at the picture, let us tell you that he is one man you can never ignore! Now take a deep look at what the picture signifies:



This brings the real fitness challenge to rest! See how people on Twitter have been reacting to the same:




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