This Is What IDEA Replied When Harbhajan Showed His Frustation On The Cellular Network

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:40 pm

Harbhajan Singh, the specialist spin bowler of team India, who has been the captain of Mumbai Indians. The cricketer has shown both his anger and humor on field. We have seen him having loads of fun with his team-mates.


But, these days he is fed up with something else. I am sure we all curse our mobile networks and decide to switch but never get proper satisfaction. Service providers these days are into money business and are hardly paying attention to the quality of service they provide to their users.

While going through Harbhajan’s Twitter account, I found out that he is an Idea user and isn’t very happy about their services and hence he tweeted:


His complaint didn’t end there. He went on to comment about Idea’s ad lines and said…




I won’t say poor Idea because it is their mistake. But this was Idea’s reply to Bhajji’s tweets:


To which he replied and this time he really was angry!


Idea people, with this you surely will lose many of your customers at least who are Harbhajan’s fans. You better listen to your customer else you will surely lose your goodwill in the market.



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