16 Ways To Live A Happy Life In Delhi’s Hectic Work Culture

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10:00 am 18 Apr, 2015

Do you wake up early in the morning only to battle angry traffic? Do you face cruel deadlines and survive congested metros on a daily basis? Is leisure a luxury that you gave up long ago? If the answers are yes, then congratulations, you are a true, working Delhite. Your work is life, and life is work.

Delhi is to India, what DC, New York, Chicago and Vegas are to USA combined. You have to pack your gear, ready your guts and storm through the flux that is this City. Here, nothing waits for anyone. And somewhere along the quest for success, life passes you by.

But don’t let your off days pass you by. There are endless ways to enjoy in this city, too. So, we bring you a few guaranteed ways to find peace and happiness in this crowded, 20 million workaholic-filled, nightmare of a capital.

1. Calm your mind in the peaceful walks of India Gate.

The fun here just increases as the night progresses.


2. Reward yourself on your free days with blissful long drives on the lively roads of Delhi.

Speed through the Fast highways or witness the elegant Rajpath.


3. You can explore the wonders of Connaught Place on your way home.

This circular spectacle, in all its glory, is a never ending, multitude of joy.


4. Find everything you need for yourself and your loved ones at the famous Sarojini Nagar market, Palika and Khan Market.

Also find some things that you didn’t know you needed. And at prices you never imagined.


5. Forget your worries at the Hauz Khas Village.

This perfect combination of historic serenity and glamorous beauty is bound to calm your nerves.


6. Enjoy theater at its best at National School of Drama or the Kingdom of Dreams.

If you’re a fan of the fine arts, these places are bound to be a treat for you and your senses.


7. Get lost in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.

The colours of Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar never cease to amaze.


8. Take the occasional stroll at the best colleges of Delhi University.

The beauty of some of these awe-inspiring college campuses induces an intrinsic smile on the beholders’ faces. And you feel like your college days are back again. Relaxing in canteens is a must-do.


9. Take a break from office chores and visit the amazing weekend getaways around Delhi.

Hrishikesh, Agra, Nainital, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Jim Corbett…There is no end to the heavenly places within small distances to the city, away from all the crazy rush.


10. Visit the ever awesome, colorful and lavish malls of the capital.

Some of them include Select Citywalk, DLF Emporio and Promenade, Ambience and Great Indian Place.


11. Treat your taste buds with some of the most amazing street food of the world.

From the mouth watering “Kulle Chaats” to famous jalebis, you’ll fall in love with everything this city offers. And then there’s Parathewali Gali that you just can’t miss.


12. Take your friends and family to fun places like Kingdom of Dreams, Worlds of wonder, Adventure Island and Entertainment City.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable day at these mesmerizing places.


13. If you are a reader, you’ll find incomparable delight at these most amazing book cafes in town.

Make sure you visit some exquisite ones like Cha Bar, Another Fine Day, Ivy & Bean and Little Yodakin among others.


14. Feel the medieval stroke of the capital at attractions like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar.

There is no dearth of monuments here. You can visit these peaceful places all year long.


15. Prefer natural beauty? Then come forget all your worries while you visit these aesthetic marvels.

Some of these like the breathtaking National Zoological Park, Lodhi Garden, Garden of 5 senses, Mughal Gardens and National Rose Garden.


16. Visit and reminisce forever, the unparalleled beauty that is Akshardham Temple.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know why. If you’ve not, then do as soon as you get time.



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