What Happens When Bond Theme Music Mixes With Mozart Symphony? Melody

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5:00 am 19 Mar, 2014


The iconic James Bond theme music continues to be one of the best known theme music of all times, over the last many decades. The theme music enjoys a worldwide identity of its own and everyone – anyone, in fact – can tell that Bond is about to enter the scene when the music starts playing. Mozart, the synonym of musical genius, continues to enjoy an enviable stature in the world of music. His symphonies enthral, enchant and entertain millions of classical music lovers around the world. So, what happens when a symphony of the Zeus of music blends with a theme of unarguably the world’s greatest spy? In fact it is difficult to find a connection but these guys, well, they have found a link.



Credit: iBand IguJoo via YouTube channel.

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