Residents Of This Railway Colony In Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh Pay Fine Just To Go Home

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4:40 pm 4 Mar, 2016

People living at Railway Colony at Hanumangarh face an unusual situation everyday as they live in constant fear of getting caught while going home.

The colony, situated nearly 500 meters away from the Rialway Station, is entrapped between the two railway tracks that run parallel to the colony.


Though the municipal corporation gave the land for living, the officials forgot to give the residents a thoroughfare.

Nearly 500 families are living along the parallel tracks.

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Since it is a punishable offence to cross railway tracks, every month nearly 60-70 people are fined while crossing the tracks.



Some of the residents who own a car have to park them outside the colony. Also, if someone gets ill, then one has to be literally carried over the tracks.



Moreover, people are also scared to let their kids play along with tracks. To prevent any untoward incident, they usually hold up their little ones and only let them play after the train passes through.



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