Weird But True, Trains Automatically Slow Down While Crossing This Hanuman Temple In Madhya Pradesh

2:24 pm 3 Dec, 2017


India is a land of miracles. In every nook and corner of this country you’ll find numerous weird and thrilling stories that you won’t easily forget. India isn’t called ‘Incredible India’ for nothing because in every moment, there’s so much to live.

One such interesting story is about a Lord Hanuman temple known as ‘Shree Sidhveer Khedapati Hanuman Mandir‘ in Bolayi village of Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh. It may sound weird but it is true that speed of train automatically slows down then it reaches near to this temple.

‘Shree Sidhveer Khedapati Hanuman Mandir in Bolayi village of Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh naidunia.jagran

Locals claim they have witnessed this incident several times.

The temple is believed to be 600 years old and has been the centre of attraction for tourists visiting the area. Here an idol of Lord Ganesha is placed on the left side of Hanuman’s idol. Locals believe that having two idols at the same place has made this place pure and lucky.


There is also a belief that the idol of Lord Hanuman fulfills the wishes of people and predicts the future of people. Locals say that those coming to the temple had the intuition of things happening in future.



Some say they have witnessed numerous miracles happening at this temple and the biggest of them all is that a train passing through this temple automatically slows down when it reaches near the temple. According to the priest of the temple, the loco pilot of the train feels like someone is telling him to slower down the speed of train when they are reaching near the temple. And if a driver feels not to pay any attention to that ‘voice’ then, as per the priest, the speed of train slows down automatically.



According to the priest, two goods train collided on the tracks because the loco pilots of both the trains ignored the ‘voice’ and didn’t slow down.

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