Your Mom’s Haldi Doodh Is Being Adored As ‘Golden Milk’ And ‘Turmeric Latte’ In The West

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6:55 pm 16 May, 2016


Remember those times when we came home with broken bones and our moms shoved down a glass of turmeric milk down our throat?


We’d make all kind of excuses wailing loudly.

Kitna kadwa hai. 

Kitna teekha hai. 


Yeh kaun peeta hai?


Well, you might just start loving it soon when you discover how the good old desi haldi doodh has become the hot, new beverage of Sydney, San Francisco and London.


Yes, you read that right.

The west is going gaga over the divine magic of the age-old Indian spice – turmeric. Turmeric milk has become the most Googled culinary recipe and according to US trends, there has been a 56% rise in the spice’s sales.

In fact, market research firm Mintel had predicted the trend naming turmeric as one of the foods to watch out in 2016.

Call it ‘Golden Milk’ or ‘Turmeric Latte’, please. 

Who’d have thought?

Relishing haldi doodh with a straw.


Now that the west is done with shooting revolutionary preservatives to the east, the first world is now hooked to all things organic, vegan and exotic. This directly means reaching out to the eastern world’s exotic Ayurvedic recipes. Organic coconut oil has already been a major successful Indian export.

With haldi doodh going all the way west, our moms will be like:


Just like all things associated with whites, I’m sure all of us are soon going to fall in love with this Indian-gone-abroad product.

Who knows, we might just be ordering turmeric latte in Starbucks tomorrow?

But then our moms are gonna be like: