11 Hacks To A Lasting Relationship And Happy Married Life

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Updated on 6 Nov, 2017 at 3:44 pm


A relationship is the union of two souls. These two souls take vows to be together for lifelong. But sometimes, our expectations for and from each other don’t match. This ultimately results in grievances and weakens the relationship. What most of us fail to understand is that the ‘Happily Ever After’ takes some effort to last. It’s not always a bed of roses as shown in the movies and written in the books. So, here are a few ways to make that love a ‘Forever’ one.

1. Give compliments to each other

Sometimes you feel shy to compliment your partner in front of others. But who doesn’t like hearing things like ,”Oh! you look great in that dress” or “The dish tastes delicious”. Complimenting your partner this way makes him/her feel special and they will feel a deep sense of attachment.


2. Exchange gifts


There is no person in the world who doesn’t like gifts. Similarly, your partner also expects something from you which could make your companion feel more special. Thus, regularly gifting your partner can be a hack for you to enhance the love between both of you. Once in a while going out of the way works wonders!


3. Take your partner out for a date

Make a day in a month just for your wife or husband. Go on a date, watch a movie, explore new places with him/her. This is just as romantic as it sounds.


4. Approach your partner for physical love

You should keep in mind that your partner has sexual desires too. Many relationships fail because of unsatisfactory physical intimacy too. Hug them randomly, drop spontaneous kisses, to make them feel special. But do keep in mind their comfort level too.


5. Do romantic things or surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises? You know the answer well. Do something romantic for your partner and surprise her/him with that. We take our partners for granted and that’s where bitterness starts so plan a surprise like taking them to their favorite spot, cooking their favorite dish, making time for their family, etc.


6. Appreciate the little things

Remember to always appreciate your partner even in his/her small or tiny efforts. Never ignore the little things they do for you, even if it might just be something like keeping the volume down while you talk over the phone or keep the food ready when you reach home.


7. Call/text them at regular intervals

Calling/texting your companion and showing your care can prove to be a wonder for your relationship. But, frequent calling/texting can irritate them too, so don’t nag, just inquire.


8. Trust

Trust is the base of any relationship. So if they say they’re going to be late because of a meeting or they are going out with friends, don’t make a fuss out of it or ask too much about who will be there and what is the plan. He/she will tell you anyway.


9. Understand your partner

Just one point which can make your relationship simple and tangled-free. Understanding is the another base of a relationship which can solve number of problems in your relationship.


10. Give space for personal time

Spending time with each other is important but alone time is equally important too. Sometimes they might want to meet with friends and family without you or one of you might not want to do things that the other one wants to. So, let them do it without you. It is not necessary to do everything together.


11. Respect them and their profession

If you don’t respect your partner why are you even with them in the first place? Yes, one of you might be earning more or be better at somethings than the other, but doesn’t mean the opposite partner is a good for nothing. Remember that the relationship vehicle moves with the wheels named ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ turning together.



Thus, make some spare time for your partner and make them feel special. One must remember that they have promised their partner to be together until the end of their life. A small approach from your end can save the relationship and keep the love intact, so why not make that effort. It will help you to embrace your love to eternity.

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