JNU 3000 Condom Remark: Gyan Dev Ahuja Says He Will Give Evidence

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2:50 pm 1 Mar, 2016

Despite facing flak for his bizarre comments about Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the BJP MLA from Alwar district’s Ramgarh assembly constituency, has now said that he will prove that he is right.





This is what he said:

“Other leaders look left-right and deny what they’ve said or that they meant it differently, but I will only say this — I will hold a long press conference and in an organised manner will display the proof and evidence (for it).”




And this is how he attracted media attention:

1. 2,000 bottles of liquor, 10,000 cigarettes butts, 4,000 ‘pieces’ of beedis, 50,000 pieces of bones, 2,000 wrappers of chips and 3,000 used condoms, are found daily on the JNU campus.

2. Students take drugs after 8 p.m. inside the campus.

3. They dance naked at cultural programmes at night.

4. 50 per cent of rapes in Delhi are done by JNU students.

This reminds us:





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