A College In Gwalior Has An Intricate Network Of Tunnels Hidden From Everyone’s View

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3:47 pm 3 Jul, 2016

The city of Gwalior has had an interesting history. Being a princely state all through the British rule, much of Gwalior’s architectural heritage date back to the time of the kings.

In the catacombs of the Kamala Raja Girl’s College, there is an intricate network of tunnels and not everyone is aware of them.




Discovered in 1984-85, the tunnels were later closed by the district administration, according to historian Ramakant Chaturvedi’s analysis published in Dainik Bhaskar.

During the Scindia rule, the KRG College served as the office of the education department of the state and was one of the most important offices.



The KRG College. KRG

The tunnels were discovered accidentally during the process of removal of some files related to the princely state in 1984-85.

A floor gave away and revealed hidden staircases leading to a chamber. Before entering the chamber, authorities drew out the humid, hot air using an exhaust fan.

Thereafter, when the authorities entered it, they found a room full of cannons. The size of the cannons indicated that they could not have been brought from upstairs.




So a little more exploration revealed that the room was connected to other tunnels.




Chaturvedi writes that a total of three tunnels have been discovered under the KRG building. One of them leads to a place called Gorkhi, the other to Jaivilas Palace and the third to the building which now houses the transport office.

All three tunnels were constructed in what forms the backyard of the college.

The cannons now sit outside the municipality museum. No one has yet been able to estimate how old the tunnels are.


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