Guys Get These 14 Hilarious Thoughts When They See A Pretty Girl

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Updated on 23 Mar, 2016 at 11:49 pm


Alright, so while traveling in the metro this morning I caught some guys staring at a girl standing right in front of them. Yup, that was making her uncomfortable but their stares made me curious about what goes on in a guy’s head. All my way to office, I was wondering what all must have been going in their minds. But, then all I could do was to ask the guys about it. Their responses were completely hilarious but definitely surprised me. All the girls out there, this is what they think or may be some of them think and guys we know your secret now!


1.  I believe in you God. What a creation!



2. Oh! I forgot to apply that chic magnet deodorant today.



3. Is that her make up or is she really pretty?

4. I wonder if she’ll react positively if I hit on her?

5. We don’t need any gender empowerment, this gender already has the power to blow our minds.


6. I definitely should stop staring at her cleavage.


7. (If she is with a guy) He is one lucky douche!




8. Force of attraction exists! I wish it could be in reverse too.

9. I hope nothing is stuck in my teeth.

10. I should stop staring at her and making her feel uncomfortable!



11. Thank God! I had a shower today.

12. I am such a loser. I just can’t approach a girl!



13. I almost forgot how many pretty faces I have seen today.



14. Kash yeh meri girlfriend hoti…



And guys just for your knowledge, whenever you stare at us with that drooling expression, the only thing that comes in our minds is…