15 Types Of Guys That Girls Like To Date And Why

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Updated on 19 May, 2015 at 4:30 pm


This post will let girls identify which category their boyfriend comes in and lets the guy know which type of guys girls fall for. So, go ahead and feel proud to know that a guy or two who you dated, comes under the following list. For the guys, if you don’t fall in any of the following types, don’t worry, you can create your own 🙂

1. The handsome hunk

His killer looks makes the girl pray for the day when he will come and ask her out.


2. The intellectual


Girls like to be in company of guys who are intelligent and know the world inside out. Of course, not that intellectual who just boasts around of his knowledge.


3. The rich

If it’s money, it sure is a yes!


4. The emotional guy

It’s rare to find the emotional species and if you do, you would witness him respecting your emotions more than the other type of guys in this list.


5. The shy guy

Some girls enjoy the company of a shy guy. He though might not appear to talk much but when he does he speaks from his heart.


6. The artistic guy 

Not only is this guy creative but instills creativity in you too. You would be left surprised with some of the innovative things he ends up doing to impress you.


7. The hipster

This guy is unconventional and breaks the social norms. His unusual lifestyle is intriguing for some girls.


8. The romantic

This guy woo-es his girl with all the romantic gestures and the girl is sure to fall for him.


9. The foreigner

A guy of foreign land brings new things in a girl’s life and hence she gets attracted to him and is equally willing to spend time in his company.


10. The chivalrous guy

It’s hard to find a guy who pulls the chair for you or opens the car door for you. If your guy does all this then definitely you must be in awe of him.


11. The successful

A girl is always on the lookout for a guy who is self dependent and doesn’t end up depending on her to meet the basic necessities of life.


12. The ‘I can fix it’ guy

This is the guy who pacifies you when you lose your temper, gives you a shoulder to cry on when you are gloomy. He just tends to fix your problems and anyone else’s. Lucky you!


13. The confident 

Girls definitely like a guy who carries himself around confidently. Put him in any situation and he comes out as a winner everytime.


14. The sportsman

Their free-willed nature, fit bod and an opportunity to travel the globe with him, makes a sportsman top the priority chart.


15. Mr. funnybones

Of course you can’t simply resist to fall for someone who makes sure to put a smile on your face every now and then.




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