14 Good And Bad Reasons Why Guys Like Shy And Quiet Girls

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5:56 pm 19 Mar, 2016


Shy girls might feel that no guy is interested in them, but that’s not the case. Many guys are, and some of them are great guys; however, there are also godawful men out there who will try to take advantage of your shy and quiet nature. So, always proceed with a clear head.

There are many reasons why guys like shy girls, here are some of them:


1. Men like to feel in control and a shy girl will usually not try and take charge of any situation.


2. They feel that shy girls will not cheat on them because they don’t really talk to many people.

3. Men feel that shy girls are more trustworthy and will keep their secrets safe.

4. Some guys think it’s adorable when a girl gets nervous and fidgets in their presence.



5. They feel that there is a level of mystery about a shy girl since she doesn’t talk about herself.

6. Shy girls can make men feel like they’re protective, dependable and the dominant ones.

7. A shy girl will probably not get guy into fights with other men, which makes them feel more relaxed.


8. Since a quiet girl doesn’t talk much, men often end up feeling like they’re smarter than her.

9. Men like challenges and shy girls are a real challenge to get to know.

10. Guys think it will be easy to get a shy girl to do whatever they want because she won’t speak up.


11. They believe that shy girls will not have had as much sex as a more-outgoing girl.

12. Men believe a shy girl will stay at home and take care of them like their mothers did.

13. A shy and quiet girl will never be as intimidating as a girl who knows her mind and speaks it.


14. Some guys think that because she doesn’t say, “No”, they can get a shy girl to do whatever they want in bed.

15. There is a greater level of excitement as even eye contact takes place after a long wait.