This Guy Tried Trolling Flipkart With A Complaint. Flipkart’s Response Was Equally Stupid

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Twitter has given everybody a platform to put forward their views, ideas as well as complaints. Departments and companies have become way faster in terms of giving response to their customers and users. But this open platform have given Twitterati a way to troll people especially big brands, celebrities, etc. The only motive behind this is to gather fame. With the same thought, this guy tried trolling Flipkart (one of the biggest online shopping portals).


Ronak Gauswami approached Flipkart on Twitter saying that he has a complaint.



To which Flipkart gave an expectedly normal reply:



This man wanted to troll the company. He was very confused about what exactly they were selling – people or clothes?




Unfortunately this guy bought a model and received the top only.


Well, the dumbest part was Flipkart’s reply. But I guess ignoring the idea of the troll was the best way to troll the guy himself.



Ronak you better come up with a better trick next time, Flipkart has become smarter.