A Guy Thanked His Fiancée’s Ex For Leaving Her In A Touching Letter. True Love Is Still Alive

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5:14 pm 4 Nov, 2016

Heartbreaks are unfortunate but they do happen. When a heart breaks, it don’t break even. Most often, the one who is deeply devoted in love suffers more in the end and lives with the lingering hope to find someone better.

Like they say, whatever happens, happens for the best. This blissful quote holds very much true for this beautiful couple. A girl was abandoned by her fiancée and luckily now, she has found her soulmate. And, in my eyes, he is the best she could have asked for because he wrote a open letter to her ex making him realize his mistake. That too, with gratitude.

Here is the complete Facebook post:

Read the text below:

“To the man who let her go,

Thank you. Thank you for walking out of her life, for leaving her. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love her, do things that would make her happy, to really keep her. Thank you for hurting her. If not, she wouldn’t have learned something valuable. I will try my best to not cause her pain, for it hurts me to see her cry. I will do all the things you failed to do for her like be there for her when she feels so alone, prioritize her and not make her feel like she is just an option, listen to her stories, rants and complaints no matter how bizarre or cliche they might be.

Give her time and affection even when she is not asking for it. I will take care of the girl you failed to appreciate. I will love the girl you took for granted. I will do anything to keep her and make her stay. I will love her for all that she is, and will support her in anything that she wants to be. I will be the partner you failed to become for her. I will be the man who will never make the same mistake that you did. I will never let her go.”


They say true love is fading away, I stand to disagree!


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