10 Phases A Guy Goes Through When He Is Caught In A Love Triangle

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Updated on 18 Mar, 2016 at 1:02 pm


You had nothing to lose but she had nothing to give you except sympathy. Your heart is unapologetic but she is not prepared to accept it. Time ditched you but she couldn’t ditch her love. You didn’t know what lay ahead because she was getting away with every step. Finally, a triangle was formed and unfortunately, the thin line connecting you and her had no meaning. You were both in love but not with each other.

Nobody ever wishes to be tangled in such messy situations but nobody can ever stop the uncertain hands of ticking love.

1. You curse time because it played with your emotions. 

Time is not on your side, so for love. Everyday passes with agony, jealousy and helplessness. Your uncontrollable feelings search for solace and you, as always, forget not to miss her. Your love cannot please her, as her fondness rests in someone else.


2. You try to step back by getting out of her way. 

As she cannot escape your heart, you try to delete her from your mind. Well, it won’t work. Feelings cannot be erased, they evaporate into warm vacuum with age. By stepping back, you make way for her to move forward. If someday, she revisits those memory lanes, then believe that time protected your story.


3. You are definitely not apologetic about it. 

Falling in love is no crime. Ab ho gaya to ho gaya. You don’t own a time machine that can change what happened. Accepting that it is the best thing you ever experienced will give you the strength to be happy and fight these intense circumstances.


4. The most painful thing is to watch her let go and you can’t do anything.

You often think of giving up on her. Waiting for her to suddenly change her mind sounds impractical. Also, why would she? Her feelings cannot be melted overnight but your helplessness can rest for a while.

5. To uncomplicate things, you avoid talking to her about your incomplete love story. 


Showing that you still care for her will prove the honesty in your love. Your love may never find its worth but definitely gain respect. You endlessly long to talk with her everyday but you have to live with weekly talks.


6. Your emotions remain buried in the heart and the pain envelopes your heartbeats. 

Your emotions survived the test of time and reached her heart but never rejoiced. You doubt whether these feelings will hold the same power as time passes on. If your love is powerful and real enough, feeling will never die without mutual understanding.


7. Before your love story could start, it ended in drought. 

Some love stories start with love and others, in the absence of it. You wonder, is this still a love story or just a phase of unrequited love?

8. You are left with no choice but to be just friends with her.

Erasing her from your life is no solution. Being there for her just the way you were before will further strengthen your friendship. If she is the reason for all your aches, then only she can heal your wounds.


9. All you can do is wait for her. Maybe she will return or maybe she won’t .

Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing whether the wait will be worth it is the most painful. And hence true wisdom of love is knowing when you are being patient, and when you are wasting time by waiting.

10. You wish someday it will all make sense. Hopefully.

It may take 7 years or 17 years to shelter each other in togetherness. But every struggle and every painful moment of rift will dissolve itself to make way for the perfect moment.