Guy Sends Explicit Picture Of His Genitals, Woman Takes The Ultimate Revenge

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:13 pm

The argument about whether dick pictures sent by men should make us feel obliged or furious is age old. Let us settle with one fact true to almost all the women that at one time or other, they have received unsolicited explicit pictures or lewd messages from guys on various social media platforms. A number of people fail to recognize this as an act of harassment because consent isn’t a favorite concept to understand.

Fed up of unsolicited message sof a sexual nature, 21-year-old lingerie model, Rebecca Mcgregor decided to take action against a guy who thought receiving a picture of his “junk” will be a girl’s dream. She decided to show his mother the doings of her son. In a viral Facebook post, Rebecca suggests other suffering women try her approach.


Rebecca is a lingerie model, which is a trigger for prying men who think her profession “asks for it”. Even if a woman like her complains of being harassed by an unwanted picture, she will be shot down immediately because her work doesn’t comply with norms of decency. She attacks this mindset of people and explains in another Facebook update.

If my accounts are public it is because I’m looking for local business’/local people/anyone looking for a photographer to hire me NOT because I’m looking for a select few CREEPS to expose themself to me because I either wear certain clothing or take photos of models wearing certain clothing.


The lines are so blurred between what is narrowly acceptable and what is not that we don’t speak against the horror of it. Society gives us options to “block”, “delete” or “ignore” unwanted men trying to get in the pants of every second girl. Speaking about these notions, Rebecca tells Mashable,

I’ve been told to ‘block,’ ‘delete,’ and ‘ignore’ it, but would we ignore if a stranger flashed you in the street? Some people seem to find it acceptable to do (mostly males that do the same thing as this guy). It’s all very well ‘ignoring’ it but that doesn’t make the problem go away does it?

As a result of her communication with the mother, the creepy guy contacted her back as it is evident in the screenshot shared by her later on Facebook.

The screenshot shared by Rebecca Mcgregor on Facebook. Rebecca Mcgregor/Facebook


There is a lot of criticism Rebecca faced because of her decision to contact the guy’s mother. But she only tried to reach someone who will ask this guy questions that he will have to answer. Any person will think twice before approaching a girl through his penis.