14 Ways To Know Your Guy Friend Has Got A Crush On You

5:00 pm 11 Aug, 2015

Being in love with your best friend is one of the best feelings ever—after all, it’s our best friends who tend to know and understand us much better than even ourselves. Do you feel that your best friend (guy) has got a crush on you, but cannot ask him for reasons untold?

Well then, follow this list to understand what’s really cooking in your guy friend’s mind!

1. Bring up the topic of your ex in front of him, and watch out for his reaction!

Either he’ll just rubbish the guy or the affair as trash or he’ll make such a face that’s going to burst your bladder with laughter! Try it out.


2. Tell them you “like” some other guy, and if possible, tell him how handsome this guy is.

And, be prepared to be discouraged like you’re a girl in love with a Taliban fighter!


3. He may even cancel a nice date to hang out with you.

Even if it means spending a night chitchatting on the terrace or anywhere for that matter!


4. He keeps on asking you to visit his place for lunch or dinner.

Does his mom love and adore you? It may be a rock solid sign that his mom knows how her son feels about you! After all, Maa sab kuch janti hai.


5. Time and again, he’ll come to you to tell you something.

Nevertheless, he’ll forget right when you ask him! And, you must never overlook their expressions! *wink*


6. Does he send you selfies often? Or he may just find it irresistible to share every little good experience he has with you!

Why would he care to do that if you two were just friends!


7. He’ll always try to look good and perfect when you are around.

By good, we precisely mean the way you would like to see him.

Reason enough to smile, eh?


8. You may talk umpteen times daily, but he’ll mostly be the one to initiate the conversations.

Do you not wonder why he keeps doing that?


9. Try talking to him on a subject that you love but he detests.

And, you’ll find him listening to you with such devotion which, if imparted to studies or other meaningful fancies, could win him the Nobel or the Pulitzer Prize or the Oscar someday!


You could even try watching some TV show with him which you know wouldn’t entertain him much. Watch a season at a stretch, maybe!

10. You’re his secret sharer, always!

And, no matter how bad a counselor you are, he’ll always end up sharing every kind of problem with you and seek your solutions for those dilemmas. Maybe a whole lot is cooking in his little head!


11. His dates appear not very fond of you; some even appear to hate you for no reason.

You may just be oblivious to their existence but if it seems that the girls who like him have begun to hate you – there is a good chance they know this guy friend of yours cares more about you than them!


12. Did he ever say that you “deserve” better than all those guys you have dated in the past?

Now, only this friend of yours can sum up the definition of this “better” for all your genuine reasons are going to fall flat!


13. Ask him to change his WhatsApp or Facebook display picture.

If he has a crush on you – your wish is his command.

Funny, eh?


14. If you too like this guy but want him to ask you out, just randomly propose the idea that if you both remain single in your old age, then you both should get hitched!

Watch him getting choked on nothing. If he’s bold enough, he will ask you out right there.



Lastly, the sad face of yours will be intolerable to him. So, just keep smiling.

If the feeling is mutual, you’ve got to give him some strong signals and if it isn’t, you should make it very obvious to him. Just don’t friend-zone him; it’s a sin.


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