Commuters On A Moving Train In Mumbai Spit Gutka On Women, Spoil Their Clothes And Dignity

3:21 pm 25 Aug, 2018


Two women recently went through a disgusting incident as they were waiting at the Borivali station for their train to arrive. It was 10:15 pm on August 22, when some commuters hanging out of a moving train spat gutka on them, thus ruining their clothes and spoiling their dignity. The incident is being highly criticized everywhere and has raised concern on safety of women in India.

Not only this, it has also highlighted the fact that some people are not concerned about keeping their cities neat and clean. Sanjana Rao, a 24-year-old research analyst recalls the incident and explains her situation.



She explained:

“At about 10.15 pm, a friend and I were on platform 7. I was on my way back from work, and the station was almost completely empty. We were walking towards the staircase when some people who were in a passing train spat the gutka on us.”



This is what she tweeted:



She also mentioned that two years back, she had a similar experience but calls it to be a mistake. However, she clarifies that this time it was done deliberately. She mentioned that most of the gutka spittle was over her friend and she was very much hesitant to file a formal complaint.



The angry woman further added:

“I feel there should be a policeman aboard each train and platforms must be patrolled too, so that people think twice before doing such things. The authorities must ban these products and impose the bans firmly.”

When Anup Shukla, senior divisional security commissioner of Western Railway, Mumbai Central division was questioned he stated:

“We will speak to the victims and then identify the offender and take appropriate action.”



As soon as the news spread on the social media, people started talking about this incident. This is what some Twitter users said:



Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police tweeted from their official Twitter handle!










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