Meet The Teen Who Would Be Leading Team India At The World Ultimate Championship

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6:45 pm 22 Jul, 2016

For the first time in history, India’s U-20 team has qualified for the World Junior Ultimate Championship (WJUC) and would soon be heading to Wroclaw, Poland for the World Championship.


The team, which is set to play the World Championship in the first week of August, would be led by 16-year-old Gurumurthy Anbalagan, who has been part of the Indian Ultimate team for the past three years.

Though Gurumurthy is just 16-years-old, he would be representing India at the World Championship for the second time. He was also part of India’s U-23 team which qualified last year.

Talking about his passion, Gurumurthy said he got into the sport after he saw a bunch of people throwing a “disc.”




The excitement that the sport created got Gurumurthy attracted towards the game and he soon found himself playing Ultimate.

Belonging to Auroville, Pondicherry, Gurumurthy is part of club Spinergy and is excited about representing India for the second time.


India Ultimate

Gurumurthy Anbalagan India Ultimate

The feat not only makes him feel proud about representing India, but even his family and friends are excited for what he has achieved.

Recalling his best moment of the game, Gurumurthy says that is was when he won the national tournament earlier this year.

“I felt proud of myself leading my team to the finals and (then) winning the finals.”

Gurumurthy now aims to win World Junior Ultimate Championship (WJUC) for India, but needs your help.




He and his team need finances to head to Wroclaw but don’t have enough funds.

You can make the team’s dream come true by donating even a small amount or by sponsoring the team’s travel, food accommodation or flight tickets.




Click here to donate or find out how else you can help.

Please note, majority of these kids belong to the less privileged families and work extra hard to make it to the Indian team. Their only goal is to make India proud, and your small contribution will help them go a long way.


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