Gurgaon Top Cops Lock Horns As Rape Case Gets Ugly; Ask DGP To Intervene

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:04 pm

In a ugly fight, Gurgaon top cops have started a full-blown war against each other with the Gurgaon police joint commissioner Bharti Arora, accusing the police commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk of forcing her to falsely implicate a suspect in an alleged rape case.

The fight has blown so out of proportion that they have taken the matter to the state director general of police, with Arora sending a written complain to Haryana DGP seeking his intervention and saying that she feared her boss Virk might harm her career.


Police Commissioner Virk, in turn, has also sent a written report to the DGP alleging that Bharti is trying to save the rape accused as she is friends with his sister.

The matter is said to have started back in July of 2014 when Joint Commissioner Arora was asked to probe into a rape case that was filed against an accused called Ajay Bhardwaj, who is an MNC executive and is also the son of Gurgaon’s former deputy commissioner. The case was filed by Bharadwaj’s former live-in partner who is a resident of Ardee City. They both have a child together.

Back in August 2014, Bhardwaj was arrested by the Gurgaon Police from his office and was booked under sections 376 (rape) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC.

The accused, according to the woman, had been raping her for over three years. What is more, the victim also accused him of taking all her alimony money, which she was getting from her ex-husband after their divorce. The victim accused Bharadwaj of taking her money on the pretext of marrying her after his own divorce was finalized.

The story got complicated as JCP Arora claimed that she carried out the investigation and found that the offences mentioned in the FIR could not be made out and that there was further a desperation on the part of the Gurgaon Police to prove Bharadwaj guilty, with Virk hell bent on implicating Bhardwaj in the case.


Talking about the scenario, the JCP in her written complain said:

“I did not get bogged down or take illegal dictate of a superior officer and highlighted truth (sic). Commissioner wanted to indict the accused for reasons best known to him and the victim was acting like virtual police commissioner all the time. She visited my office and was well aware of the conversation we had in commissioner of police office along with IO and DCP east (sic).”

Arora then further added:

“The commissioner of police called me to his office on pretext of discussing some traffic issue and threatened me to transfer the enquiry as it won’t be good for me (sic). I told him that my record was clean so I fear none and would uphold the law. Following this he told me an enquiry he had done against me on allegations of the rape victim and claimed me guilty (sic). This enquiry tells his interest in case (sic). He has a hidden camera in his office and footage of same can be seen to verify my claims.” .

To the above accusation, when  Times of India contacted Virk, he said:

“I don’t know about any such complaint. There can’t be any question of wrongful implication of Ajay Bharadwaj in the rape case as he was arrested in the said rape case much before I was posted here. The rape survivor has made several complaints against JCP (traffic), alleging that she has been helping the accused Ajay Bhardwaj and his family as Chanchal Bhardwaj, the sister of Ajay, is personally known to her. These complaints were looked into and after a probe, the allegations against Arora were found to be correct. So, a special report has been sent to DGP Haryana for appropriate action against her.”