Be Ready! Gumnami Baba Is About To Emerge From Shadows

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7:06 pm 26 Feb, 2016

The mystery behind Gumnami Baba, who some believe was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, will soon be resolved.

On February 26, the belongings of Gumnami Baba were opened by a 10-member administrative committee in Faizabad (UP).

The committee found objects similar to what Netaji used to wear including round frame spectacles, a rolex watch, and a uniform of Azad Hind Fauj.

Anuj Dhar/Facebook

Officials opening the trunks Anuj Dhar/Facebook


Of the 32 baskets that have a total of 176 items, only three have been opened.

Officials with the trunks Anuj Dhar/Facebook

Officials with the trunks Anuj Dhar/Facebook

Among other things, letters written by Netaji’s family members and 8-10 books in English and Bangla, were found.

All these objects will soon be made public.

Reportedly, Gumnami Baba, who had an uncanny resemblance with Netaji entered Uttar Pradesh via Nepal in the guise of an ascetic (sadhu) and started staying in Ram Bhavan, Faizabad, from 1983. He reportedly breathed his last on September 16, 1985 in Faizabad and was cremated on Sept 18, 1985.

Those who have met Netaji before 1945 have reportedly said that after meeting Gumnami Baba they are are certain that he was Netaji. Their faces resembled a lot.



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