Gulzar Shares Unspoken Secrets About His Relationship With Rakhee After Being Separated For 44 Years

3:34 pm 12 Sep, 2018


Padma Bhushan poet-lyricist-filmmaker Gulzar has ruled the hearts of millions with his eloquent and passionate lyrics and poetry since five decades in the Indian film industry. While this multi-talented personality was charming us with her exceptional talent, he was smitten by someone else during the 1970s. Evidently, we are talking about the love of his life, the hazel-eyed beauty Rakhee Majumdar.

Well, there are rare times when one of Hindi cinema’s most celebrated personality, Gulzar opens up about his personal life. However, recently Gulzar got candid with media and shared some unspoken truths about how his relationship with his wife, legendary actress Rakhee, has changed over the period of time after their separation in 1974.



Gulzar and Raakhee got married on May 15, 1973. While this was veteran actress Rakhee’s second marriage, it was tragically short-lived. After giving birth to their only child Meghna Gulzar, the couple got separated in 1974 because of one patriarchal prenup clause by Gulzar that turned their life upside down.



Apparently, before the wedding, Gulzar told Rakhee about his orthodox ideology and wanted her to quit her film career after their marriage. Since he thought that it was inappropriate for a married woman to work in films, he demanded her to stop acting in future. Incidentally, she agreed, but always had a ray of hope that filmmaker will cast her in his film one day.



Unfortunately, he didn’t approve her to act in any of his films despite several requests. While on one side, she had a huge array of filmmakers waiting to sign her, on the other, Gulzar was always reluctant to say yes to those films. Therefore, Rakhee had to turn all of them down.

However, one night the couple had a tiff on a personal matter which left Rakhee shattered and confused about his married relationship with Gulzar. They were in Kashmir where the filmmaker was shooting his directorial film Aandhi. This is when their happily married life changed forever.




Ace filmmaker Yash Chopra came to Kashmir to meet Rakhee and sign her for his next project titled Kabhie Kabhie, to which she keenly agreed despite Gulzar’s protests. This marked the beginning of their decision of separation.

As their daughter could not accept them parting ways, they never got divorced. Therefore, after being separated for 44 years, the estranged couple have been deeply involved in each other’s life.



Gulzar Saheb said:

“From when Meghna was a child till the time she grew up, there hasn’t been a single occasion, moment, incident or celebration that we haven’t shared with each other. We have been together through it all the disagreements, fights and happy times. If this is not being together, then I don’t know what is.”



Later, he added:

“We still have a little argument in every two-three hours. And that I think it is only fair. What kind of love is it, in which people don’t differ, don’t fight every now and then? But to say that we are not two different identities would be wrong. She does what she likes. I do what I like. All good friends live like this.”



Well, it is the special bond in their relationship that has kept them together and inspiring for the generations to come.