People In This Gujarat Restaurant Dine Next To Graves. Late M.F. Hussain Visited It Too.

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5:36 pm 24 Jun, 2015

A restaurant in Gujarat has a remarkable but eerie feature. It stands on an old Muslim graveyard.

Standing rather ominously over a graveyard in Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat, the New Lucky Restaurant is thronged by locals on a regular basis.


Despite graves inside the restaurant, people are never at an unease dining with those resting in peace.


In fact restaurant owner Krishnan Kutti says his business started booming after he decided to open his restaurant on the unused graveyard.


There are a total of 12 graves, most of which are now strategically inside the restaurant.

People sit and sip their beverages on seats placed beside the graves.


The owner takes care that the graves are treated respectfully. He takes special care of the graves, offers flowers on them and covers them in clean, silken shrouds.


Such is the popularity of the restaurant that illustrious painter the late M.F. Hussain visited it in 2004 and gifted Krishnan a special painting.


Krishnan believes that a graveyard is a pious place, which is why his business is going good.



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