Here’s Your Guide To All The Full Moons Of 2016

2:00 pm 10 Mar, 2016

1. Wolf Moon: January 23

Full moon


2. Snow Moon: February 22

The second month’s full moon is named Snow Moon because snow tends to be heaviest during this month of the year. February’s full moon is also sometimes called the Hunger Moon because of the difficult hunting conditions during this month because of the snow.



3. Worm Moon: March 23

This is the time when snow melts and earthworms begin to surface, and because of this, March’s full moon is called the Worm Moon. March’s full moon is also known as Sap Moon due to the running of sap and tapping of trees that begins this time of year. This full moon may also be called Crow Moon as birds become active around this time.



4. Pink Moon: April 22

5. Flower Moon: May 21

6. Strawberry Moon: June 20

7. Buck Moon: July 19

8. Sturgeon Moon: August 18

9. Harvest Moon: September 16



10. Hunter’s Moon: October 16

11. Beaver Moon: November 14



12. Cold Moon: December 13



Credit: Mother Nature Network



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