The Ultimate Guide To Get Rid Of Body Odour And Make Perfume Last All Day

6:03 pm 4 Apr, 2018


Summer season is just around the corner and there is a lot to do. Summer brings a lot of health and beauty related issues. One such trouble is the unfriendly body odour that occurs because of hot and humid weather. Body odour creates embarrassing situations in front of friends and family and there is a guaranteed solution to the problem – perfumes.

A good smelling perfume can combat this seasonal problem and bring the right confidence in the person to stand out in the crowd. But here is a question, what are the reasons due to which body odour occurs?

Here is a guide to help you out with this awkward problem and bring a fresh and aromatic start to your day.


Causes of Body Odour


The collaboration of harmful bacteria with sweat is the root cause of body odour because evidently, the sweat glands are odourless. The changing weather conditions play a huge role in making the sweat smelly as the body composition may react with bacterial settlement on the skin.



Cures for body odour

The most effective way to keep body odour away is to keep the problematic area clean in order to prevent the formation of sweat on the skin. There are certain anti-fungal powders that are helpful as they absorb the sweat when applied to the skin. Deodorants can provide a temporary solution by masking the odour but those wanting a permanent solution can opt for a Botox treatment on specific areas to control bacterial activity.



Right way to apply perfume

You will have to concentrate on the pulse points while applying perfume. It helps in increasing the longevity of the perfume. Right areas to apply the perfume are below the collarbone, inside the wrists and elbows, behind the knees and hair. For better results, it is important that you don’t rub your wrist together after application as that can damage the scent formation.



Make Perfume Last Longer

Choosing the correct fabrics during the different season can increase the long-term effect of the perfume. While cotton can help your skin breathe during summers, synthetic, polyester and other such fabrics can still smell bad even after washing. Applying the scent on the silhouettes will be helpful in increasing the effects of your perfume.



Layering a perfume

Layering perfumes can assist you to have a confident personality. Choose layers of heavy and light fragrances or even contrasting scents. You can apply combinations of some musk or vanilla with flora or citrusy perfumes that bring out the best in your favourite scents.



Applying perfume to hair

Applying perfume to hair can make the scent last longer. But there can be negative effects of applying a wrong perfume. Perfumes with high alcohol should be avoided as they can make the hair dry. Use a hairbrush to apply the perfume instead of spraying it on the hair. Essential oils and hair mists can be used to the rescue.




Use these tips and tricks to smell fresh and happening throughout the day!