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WTF? Gucci Is Selling ‘Dirty’ Shoes Online For Rs 60,000

Published on 21 February, 2019 at 4:03 pm By

Gucci is among one of the fashion world’s fastest-growing brands following a makeover under designer Alessandro Michele. As per a list by fashion search engine Lyst, over six million people searched for a Gucci bag, belt or shoe, thus making the brand stand out in the competition for two years in a row. Given their innovative styles and designs, there is no doubt that their belts, jackets, bags, and shoes are highly popular among consumers.


According to Lyst, the most popular fashion item of 2019 is sneakers. Nearly one million people search for a new pair of sneakers each month.



But recently, the fashion brand surprised everyone by selling a pair of dirty sneakers describing it as “vintage” and “old schools”. Believe it or not, Gucci is charging almost Rs 60,000 ($840) for it.

These sneakers are made in Italy and are part of the Cruise 2019 collection.




The description of this product on their site read: “Influenced by classic trainers from the ’70s, the Screener sneakers—named for the defensive sports move—feature the Web stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an allover distressed effect.”



However, many people are not able to digest an “allover distressed effect” as they are worn-in all over the sole and upper.

Selling such sneakers (with intentional scuff marks) for such a high price has raised eyebrows online. Check out the comments:




Earlier too Gucci has courted controversy for its high price tag and design. Recently, users slammed the brand for selling a knit that was accused of racial overtones. It was a black jumper with a high neckline. It featured pair of red lips that many believed looked like a black face. The brand pulled its black balaclava sweater from its stores with an apology sent out via social media.

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