Security Guard Shot Judge’s Wife And Son In Broad Daylight. Tweeple Are Shocked!

12:39 pm 14 Oct, 2018


You are in a market and suddenly there are gunshots! In a few minutes, some people are dead. Can you believe it? Probably not. This is something you watch in movies or read in books but something like that happening in a busy market on a weekend afternoon, and it’s unbelievable! Gurugram killings made everyone think about the security threat by own security personnel.

In a shocking event, a personal security guard of Additional Sessions Judge Krishan Kant Sharma shot at his wife and his son on October 13 around  3:30 pm near Arcadia Market in Sector 49, Gurugram, where they had gone shopping.




According to DCP Gurgaon (East) the son, Dhruv is critical. The wife Ritu is out of danger. The gunman Mahipal Singh first shot the wife and then the son and tried to drag him in the car. But unable to do so, he left them on the road and drove away in the same car.



On his way, he called the judge to say, “I have shot your wife and son”. He made two more calls telling people about the shooting, including his mother.

Mahipal later reached a police station where he fired again, before fleeing from there. Later on, then he was arrested from Faridabad. Initial investigations suggest that he was suffering from depression and was upset at the “misbehaviour” by the judge’s family.


The officers said:

“He had been demanding leave to go home for the past few days but he was denied. This might have led to him suffering from depression”


Another interrogating officer said:

“The judge also used to scold him often”.


This is what people are saying on twitter:





Visuals from the spot show the attacker trying to put the judge’s son in a car.



The most dangerous part of the incident is that the personal guard of the judge shot his family in the daylight in a busy market! What does it say about the trigger points in the man? Also, how easy it is to believe a security person with a gun. What do you think?