7 Reasons GST Is The Worst Road In India

Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 6:35 pm


There are several reasons a road can be bad. All of us have our preferences and reservations about which roads to commute on. But my friends, GST (Grand Southern Trunk Road) or NH 45 has to be the worst road in India, hands down. Located in Chennai, this road can do more than just put you off for the entire day, and here’s why:


7. Traffic lights on a NATIONAL HIGHWAY!

To start with, GST is a national highway, one that extends over 50 kilometers and connects Chennai with Pondicherry. Since it’s the only usable exit route out of Chennai in that direction, everyone has t take that road. It’s reached a point where there are actually traffic signals every couple of kilometers on this road, which is just ridiculous.

Traffic lights on HIGHWAY

Source: thehindu.com

6. A Bikers Nightmare


If you’re planning to travel by a two-wheeler, I suggest you seriously reconsider. It might beat the traffic, but you’ll be the center of all the negativity on the road. Every vehicle will try and push you off the road, while the slower autos will cover up the left lane. At best, you’ll live but that feeling won’t last long when you look in your rearview mirror and see a bus coming up on you at 80 kmph with that killer look in his eye.

Bikers Nightmare

Source: indianexpress.com

5. The Public Transport sucks

It’s funny how everything is interlinked. The trains and buses to the city are always either delayed or so full you’ll puke over the smell of coconut oil reeking out from the guy who’s conveniently 3-4 inches shorter than you. The inconsistencies force commuters onto vehicles, which just makes the traffic on this road even worse.

Public Transport

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4. How Can Your Day Get Worse?

As I’d mentioned earlier, GST is the only escape route from Chennai. But it also happens to be a way in, unfortunately. So the only thing worse than going to work is leaving it. The traffic doesn’t un-clog until 9 o’clock, and that’s just on the highway linking the city to the outside world. Getting home after reaching the city will take you another hour or more, depending on where you stay. So how could your day get any worse?

Day Get Worse

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3. Frequent Power Cuts will Drive You Up The Walls

If you have the misfortune of having to live along these roads (because it’s too far from the city to commute every day), you’ll slowly realize that unless you have a backup generator or an inverter, you’re sc%$^$d. Sometimes it’s out for the entire night, and most definitely (and conveniently) out when it rains. I mean come on! As it is, the place is a desert, and the government rewards that feeling by cutting the power when it rains? I feel like something is off…

Frequent Power Cuts

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2. Lack of Healthy Living Standards

I’m not blaming anybody, but I don’t think the GOVERNMENT has taken very good care of its people. If you happen to visit this road, the first thing that’ll catch your attention is how backward it is. There are random eateries (mostly just non-veg biriyani joints) which have no understanding of sanitation whatsoever. The water is only delivered in cans. There are barely any supermarkets or even decent stores and if there are a few, they’re located almost 15 kilometers apart, there’s no way to get a gas connection for months because of the huge queue, there are no decent schools or places to raise a family unless you’re rich enough to own a multi-crore house and there are power outages. If you’re still adamant though, maybe the next point will change your mind.

Healthy Living Standards

Source: shriramvyapar.com

1. You’re on a Highway to Hell!


I don’t think AC/DC could have said it any better. India has been recorded as the country with the most road accidents and it’s a fact that GST has the highest deaths per day among any road in India (4 deaths a day!), and that doesn’t include animals. For sure, you’ll find the corpse of at least 2 dogs, if you manage to complete the entire stretch, and there are ambulances waiting everywhere, just in-case they’re needed within a moment’s notice. If you take those facts together, that makes GST the Deadliest Road in the World! Still thinking of living here? You obviously have absolutely no other choice.

on a Highway

Source: thehindu.com

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