13 Life Lessons You Learn When You Grow Up With A Working Mom

10:00 am 10 Feb, 2016

During your childhood days, who did you wish to be after growing up? For my part, I wished to be like my mom—beautiful, caring and intelligent. However, as time flew past, I realized I still wanted to be like her but more because I wanted to be as independent as her, and wanted to have an outlook as wide as her.

My mom is a working lady. And, in spite of the prevalent Indian notion, she did an amazing job in keeping up with our needs and wants with as much efficiency as she would manage her professional life.

This list compiles certain important life lessons that the children of working mothers grow up to inculcate—

1. You learn to be more well-mannered and disciplined than any of your friends.

Small things, like saying “thank you”, smiling back, saying “sorry” when you are wrong make you a far better person than others in the long run. However, remember those painful mornings when your heart would ache for a little more sleep but sleeping a bit longer wasn’t allowed?


2. You are amazing at multi-tasking.

After all, all your life you have seen your mother multi-tasking, keeping up with professional life and personal life at the same time beautifully, and you inculcate this art as well.


3. From going for solo trips to deciding your own career, you are allowed everything.

This is because you are an independent person irrespective of your gender.


4. You are tougher than most of your friends.

This is because when you would return from school every day, there wouldn’t be anyone to baby-feed your every necessity. Even if you were a part of joint family, you would, in all probability, not be a spoiled brat!


5. You never succeed in deceiving your mother!

Well, that isn’t possible, and this works in your favor. You inculcate a no-nonsense attitude, and are never a two-faced personality.


6. You have a dream, and you know you are going to achieve it through hard work.

This is because you have been brought up to be as ambitious as your mother. And, watching her balance the professional and personal perfectly has provided you impetus to be the best since childhood.


7. You are a good cook (even if you are a guy).

You have never known gender stereotyping since your mom was such a shining example.

Life lessons


8. You know how to respect others, and yourself.

From respecting your own body to respecting other people’s wishes and desires, you know it all.


9. You have an identity of your own.

You want to be known as the person you are, and never as someone’s child or husband/wife. You make your decisions, and you break them—it’s as simple as that!


10. If you are quick to make a mistake, you’re quicker to admit it.

This is because she never stood by you when you were wrong. She loved you for being the best, in the right way, always.


11. You show the middle finger to what society thinks.

Your mother perhaps would never have been a person she is had she always thought of society. For her, family came first—you just inculcated this!


12. You know how to turn IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE.

This is because your mom taught you all the dedication and tenacity to live life in this hard and political world.


13. No matter how busy you are, you shall always be a family person.

This is because you understand the importance of being together, of loving and being loved. And, that’s the mantra to a happy life, isn’t it?


I love you, Mom!


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