11 Groundbreaking Technologies That Could Shape Our Future

10:00 pm 27 Jan, 2015


Our world is an ever changing one, and as humans we have an intrinsic quality which makes us pursue more. Technology couldn’t be more dynamic than it is today and yet we say there’s scope for more, and we’re right. There’s always someone out there who dares when we dream. This results in the most amazing work we’ll probably ever see. Here are 11 future possibilities which were but a mere dream a while back (please refer the links provided below each point to read more)

11. Revolutionary 3-D haptic model based on ultrasounds

We’ve seen this in several movies but it’s finally becoming a reality. A virtual 3-D haptic object has now been made using ultrasound technology which resembles shapes and can actually be felt by our fingertips. Hats off to Dr. Ben Long from the University of Bristol.

Ultrasound technology


10. DNA based electrical circuits

Professor Danny Porath, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has created a system in which quantifiable amounts of current are able to flow through long molecules of DNA strands, which would eventually lead to the miniaturization of computers on an atomic level.



 9. DARPA’s Terahertz Electronics project


DARPA’s latest development, the Terahertz Monolithic Integrated Circuit (TMIC), has created a new record by processing one trillion cycles per second, which is 150 billion cycles faster than the previous record holder. With this technology, we could lead to groundbreaking development in high-resolution security imaging systems, improved collision-avoidance radar and much more sensitive explosives.



 8. Direct brain-to-brain telepathy

A team of international neuroscientists and robotics engineers have devised a way for humans to send virtual telepathic messages to each other 5,000 miles away! See ya Skype, it’s been good knowing you.

Telepathic messages


7. Ultrafast 3-D printing is on it’s way

HP’s “Blended Reality” system paves the way for 3-D printing in the future, which allows 3-D objects to be printed at 10 times their original speed. This could change the way we look at manufacturing and planning altogether.

3-D objects


6. AI software can now identify objects in photos and videos like humans

Researchers at Google and Stanford have developed an artificial intelligence system which can recognize images in photos and videos at near human levels. This could help program AI in a way we’d always dreamt AI would perform.

Artificial intelligence system


5. A quantum leap in quantum mechanics

Researchers at the Delft University in the Netherlands have invented a system wherein information stored in a qubit – the quantum equivalent of a classical bit – has been transported 10 feet without the information having transversed the intervening space. This could help speed the process of developing the quantum internet.

Quantum internet


4. Real time speech translator

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, recently unveiled a real time speech translator over Skype. The software has been in development for years and is said to be coming to Windows 8 as a beta soon.



3. Hoverboards are here

California based company Hendo has invented the Hoverboard. Yes, like the one in the movies and yes it is for sale. It uses magnetic hovering technology but only gives up to 15 minutes of hover time.

2. Introducing man-made fusion

One thing we’ve torn our hair out over is nuclear fusion. Now, Lockheed Martin may has led us one step closer with its compact fusion reactors which use magnetic mirror confinement to control the reaction. According to them, it’s but a decade away.

Compact fusion reactors


1. Live forever with Ascension

Every religion has preached immortality but it could never be “invented”, until now. Ascension guarantees a state of the art replacement for our vital bodily functions. They claim to have created a heart that can beat on forever or eyes that can share photos in the ‘blink of an eye’. Now you never have to share your wealth with your future generations ever again!


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