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14 Irreplaceable Sports Personalities The Likes Of Who You Might Never See Again

Updated on 16 July, 2015 at 7:28 pm By

From Ancient Olympics to medieval games to Modern Olympics, sports has a rich and long history. In fact, sports are symbols of a healthy, non-violent civilisation, hence irreplaceable, and so are some players in their own respective sport.


Here’s a list of Sports Personalities who will probably never have a replacement!

1. Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar

I don’t think there’s any other name that would cross my mind or anyone else’s when it comes to cricket. He’s the GOD of Cricket and has been an inspiration for generations. Although he has retired, you can still hear chants of his name all over the nation and even in non-cricket playing countries!


Sachin Tendulkar


2. Tennis – Roger Federer

Some might argue that others are better than Federer, but no one has had as complete, as long and as graceful a domination as the Swiss.


Roger Federer


3. Formula One – Michael Schumacher

Yes, there is Sebastian Vettel, but there’s only one name that is synonymous with F1 itself – Michael Schumacher. The guy has always been a league apart and a lap ahead from the rest and will always be remembered for his command over the tracks.



Michael Schumacher


4. Golf – Tiger Woods

Despite all the controversies that destroyed his personal life, his on field performance continues to be great. Woods has always had the upper hand when it came to the game.


Tiger Woods


5. Tennis – Serena and Venus Williams

The American sisters have dominated the world of Women’s Tennis and have shared numerous trophies between them. It would be difficult to find a player who could outshine them and achieve what they have been consistently achieving over the years.


The Williams Sisters


6. Swimming – Michael Phelps

Phelps’ record is again something one can only dream of breaking. The big guy probably has more medals than Tiger Woods has had ladies…oops!


Michael Phelps

7. Pole Vault – Sergey Bubka

Bubka’s record was unmatched for a very long time (read, more than a decade) and completely dominated his opposition in his hey days.


Sergey Bubka


8. Athletics – Carl Lewis

People may claim Usain Bolt is the one to look out and beat, but Carl Lewis was the one to dominate sprinting for a long time and was also the best at Long Jump during his time. Ask Bolt to do that?


Carl Lewis


9. Baseball – Babe Ruth

George ‘Babe’ Ruth is considered as one of the greatest Baseball player the world has ever had. The Yankees’ star set many records to his name before he died at the age of 53.


Greatest Sportsman


10. Basketball – Michael Jordan

This guy can alone be held responsible for making NBA popular all over the world. Cute, affable and in the same league as Sachin, Federer, and Schumacher.


Magic Mike


11. Gymnastics – Nadia Comaneci

The first in the world to have a Perfect 10 score, Comaneci has received the Olympic Order twice. In fact, she is the only female and the youngest person to do so.


Nadia Comaneci


12. Squash – Jahangir Khan

The Pakistani squash player is considered to be the greatest player in the history of the game. He was unbeaten for a span of 6 years in which he won 555 games consecutively for which he even holds a record in the Guinness Book!

13. Badminton – Lin Dan

The two time Olympic champion, five time World champion and five time All England champion is considered to be the greatest badminton player ever by many. By the age of 28, he had won all the major titles, also known as the Super Grand Slam. The only competition he had was Taufiq Hidayat, but his was a completely different game!


Lin Dan

14. Table Tennis – Jan-Ove Waldner

Waldner is the only player that comes to my mind when I think of Table Tennis. The way he has outclassed all his opponents and dominated Table Tennis is remarkable. The Swede also has many records and titles to his name and has had many honours from both Sweden and China.




Sports are a beautiful expression of the human need for competition and cooperation. And sports have produced such marvellous gems who, if not impossible, are extremely difficult to match.

Which is your favouritest sportsperson from the list? Did we miss any?




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