Here Is Why Grape Ice Cream Is Something You Would’ve Never Seen

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11:30 am 2 Sep, 2017


While there are ice creams available for almost every fruit’s flavor, grape ice cream is something that you probably wouldn’t have thought about. Or even if you would have looked around for it at an ice cream parlor, chances are quite high that you wouldn’t have found it. In fact, as you read its mention here and try to recall your visits to ice cream parlors, you will envisage its absence at every ice cream parlor you have been to so far. And that’s because grape ice cream does not exist! None of the big ice cream brands make grape flavored ice cream.

Ice creams are available in almost every fruit’s flavor but grapes Gusto-gelataria


We are not talking about the grape flavored ice lollies or sorbets, but cream based grape flavored ice cream. Since grape is a common fruit, non-existence of its flavor in ice creams is weird, but actually, there is a genuine reason behind this. And it’s not the bizarre rumor that the FDA has banned this flavor in ice creams as it is dangerous for dog health. In fact, the actual reason is that it is technically not possible to make grape flavored ice cream.

Grape ice lollies aren’t a difficult-to-find thing but cream based ones are VegetarianPerspective


Basically, the content of water in grapes is so high that when they are frozen to make ice creams, they form icy chunks. These chunks go well with ice pops but not with cream based smooth ice cream scoops. Another dilemma that ice cream makers face with grape flavor is that keeping the peel mars the texture while removing it ruins the entire flavor of the fruit.

Hitting around the ice chunks issue is possible when the ice cream is prepared at home or at a small shop because pureed grapes can be mixed into cream in small quantities. But going large scale becomes complicated. Hence, you won’t find grape ice creams in ice cream parlors, particularly in the bigger ones!